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NEW/IMPROVED (12/1/15)
Bluetooth Switch Interface (BSI)

image of bluetooth
            switcdh interface

(click pic for larger image)

  It's cordless and works with any iPad, and now works with Camera & Music apps!
Click here for iOS Switch Control Compatibility

Download Instructions

 (click here for the instructions if you have my BSI with NO red power button)

(click here for the instructions if you have my BSI with a red power button)

That's right.  Switch access to iPads and tablets like my Auggies and Android tablets!  For iPad, plug any switch(es) into it for cause/effect, switch timing practice, AAC auto-scan and step-scan, spelling, and any other apps on the horizon!

NEW: And now you can use it to snap pictures in the Camera App, and for Play/Pause (and Next-Song with a second switch) in the Music App, and even to turn the page in some e-book apps (like iBooks and others).

It works through Bluetooth 2.1 for simple pairing and range of over 50 ft. 

For iPad, any app that has been programmed for switch access allows access via switch(es).  Many special needs/AAC app developers *are* incorporating switch access and these will work with my devices.

It has a lithium-ion battery that recharges through your USB port or USB AC charger (like for your iPad/iPod).

Click here for a list of switch-friendly apps and notes about my Bluetooth switch devices

Please note that in the UK, the iPad Switch Interface is handled by Therapy Box

H-66 - Bluetooth Cordless Switch Interface.....$119
(still less than any competition!)

iOS Switch Control

Yes, my Bluetooth devices are fully iOS Switch Control compatible!

Click here to read the *full* story on iOS Switch Control and my suggested Settings

Switch-Friendly Apps and Notes About my Bluetooth Devices

First, I have discovered that my Bluetooth Super-Switch or a switch into my Bluetooth Switch Interface *will* turn on your iPad 1, get past the Slide to Unlock, and you'll be in your AAC app (or any app) that you were in when the iPad went to sleep.  With the iPad 2 or 3, you must have Settings/General/iPad Cover Lock/Unlock enabled to be able to accomplish this.

Next, for AAC apps that you want to "scan", you will need to check with each app developer as to whether it has the features/options for, what I consider, to be necessary or desired, in 'switch-friendliness':

  • Auto-Scan, where switch #1 starts the scanning and also 'selects' the highlited choice.
  • Step-Scan, where switch #2 'steps' and highlites through the choices, and switch #1 selects (or vice versa).
  • Auditory Scan, where you can hear the 'label' of each choice as it gets highlited.  Different apps might call this something else, but I think it's very important.
  • Scan Speed in seconds.
  • A 'selected sound', that is, a very obvious sound when a choice is actually selected.
  • An *obvious* visual indication that a choice has been made.
  • A Text to Speech (TTS) and a Recording option for both label and speech that a 'cell' yields (some call each 'button' on the screen a "cell").
  • And most of all, FUN!
Adapted Play Books (4 of them) & MyOwnBooks2Go - <http://creativecommunicating.com> - The famous Patti King-DeBaun's series of simple apps work with switches.

Alexicom (AAC) - Karen Suhm
<karen.suhm@alexicomtech.com> states:  "Alexicom AAC version 1.0.1 [with switch access] has been approved and is now available in the App Store!!!!"

Computerade Products - <http://computerade.com> - Catch the Cow, Sentence Key and Sentence Match (Jana, developer, wrote Catch the Cow, one of the very first single switch games in history, back in the mid-80's).
GoTalk Now (AAC) (Free trial version available) - 10-21-11 - A favorite of mine, lots of features

The Grid (AAC) - They offer a 'player' that can play boards you edit/create on a PC.

Inclusive Technology (a BUNCH of simple apps) -
As of Nov. 5, 2012, their apps adhere to the standard I created and should all work with my Bluetooth devices.

Light Box (cause/effet), PhotoVOCA (AAC), and others - <
- Simon generously makes his apps available for free

Marblesoft makes a BUNCH of early learning apps - <http://www.marblesoft.com>

MyTalk (AAC) -

PicBoard (AAC) - According to Dan Herlihy, this open source (public/free) app is switch-friendly.

Predictable - Text-oriented AAC word prediction app

Proloquo2Go - the 'gold standard' of AAC apps, the first one and still the most popular, although it's also the most expensive and comprehensive

RadSounds (cause/effect), Scan-A-Word (spelling), Scan To Pictures (early AAC) - MY apps! <http://www.appannie.com/company/rj-cooper-associates-inc./>

Sensory Software - These great guys are kind enough to provide a BUNCH of free cause/effect apps at <http://www.sensoryapphouse.com/>.

Scene & Heard - "Scene & Heard... is a context based communication and learning tool taking the visual scene display approach."

SoundingBoard (AAC) - the first switch-friendly app and now is free - <http://ablenetinc.com/Assistive-Technology/iPad-iPhone-and-iPod-Accessories-Apps> (I think most of the apps on that page are switch-friendly)

Switch Accessible Puzzles - Judy Lynn Software - <www.judylynn.com/ipad> - 10-3-12 - Switch Accessible Puzzles is an exciting 3D puzzle matching app modeled after the popular wooden puzzles with cutouts. The user is presented with a board that can be customized to have 2, 3, 4, or 5 cutouts in it.

TalkBoard (AAC) - <https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talkboard/id416436888?mt=8>

TalkRocket Go (AAC) - <https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/talkrocket-go/id426135003?mt=8>

TalkTablet  - 1/7/13 - Gordon Harris <gusinc@icloud.com> writes:
"We've just uploaded TalkTablet v6.7 to Apple and with this version, we've included 1 and 2 switch scanning using either the touchscreen or conventional switches.  TalkTablet v6.7 is compatible with your iPad switch interface as well."
TapSpeak: Choice (AAC) -<http://tapspeak.com/drupal/Products> - also one of the first to incorporate scanning

Tapikeo HD - 3-24-12 - Jeoud
<contact@ivocaudio.com> writes: - "I'm about to release a major update in a few days.... but I think I'll wait for the next one to integrate switch compatibility."

TapToTalk (AAC) - one of the first to incorporate scanning <http://taptotalk.com>

TouchChat - iOS 7 Switch Control actually does a nice job with this app - <http://touchchatapp.com/>

I *beg* you to contact other developers if you are interested in 'pushing them along'.  They are usually very nice and open to suggestion. Google the name of the app, followed by "app" and find their actual home page, not the App Store page, and then find the Contact or About or Company link to find an email address.  Offer my help, no charge.

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