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Forte Portable Note-takers
with built-in Text-to-Speech (TTS) and speaker!
image of forte note-taker
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I worked with a youngster with LD the other day and I really wanted a portable writing solution that had built-in text-to-speech (TTS).  Years ago I had acquired an A----Smart and used it infrequently over the years.  But TTS on it was poor, and every time the unit lost its charge I would have to go through the *painful* process of re-installing an 'applet' and TTS, and it also required an external voice card that plugged in the rear that sounded, well, not good.

I met up with a rep. for Writer Learning while at a conference in Utah and he showed me their new Fusion.  It 'fixed' everything I thought was wrong with the A-Smart and added a bunch of features that I loved!

You can hear the Fusion's TTS through included headphones or its great built-in speaker!

This unit also works great as a simple AAC device!  Other text-based TTS products of this nature cost several thousand dollars!

Click here to hear it!

I've even worked with the manufacturer to modify the software a bit so it's useful for blind persons and note-taking!

And there are great discounts for multiple unit purchases and lab packs/stations!

Comes with:  AC adapter/charger, USB port, headphones, manual.

Click here to visit the manufacturer's site for more details!

Here are some of its key features, which you can have on or off:

Text to Speech
* Speak keystrokes
* Speak entire text
* Speak current sentence
* Speak filename
* Speak menus
Easy to understand and easy to use.
* Volume adjustment
* Speed adjustment
Helpers read-back
* Spell check options automatically read back
* Thesaurus options automatically read back
* Word Prediction options automatically read back
Large LCD with adjustable font size
Word Prediction with WordStorm
Writing Support Options

* Thesaurus
* Spell Check
* Cut, Copy, Paste
* Dictionary
Organized, Focused Work Environment
Easy USB File Transfer
Auto Headings
Good Writing Checklists

And click here for even more features for special needs!

A keyguard is available for this unit, also!

Order Forte w/TTS and built-in speaker AND padded case
(which costs extra when you purchase elsewhere!)
H-5-F - Forte with both male & female voice AND padded carry case.....$199
H-5-KEYGUARD - Keyguard for Forte.....$99

Please note...tech support for this product is best handled by the manufacturer!
(but, as always, I can be a good resource also ;-)

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