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Game Box Controllers

(Adaptations available for most models:
XBox 360, XBox, Playstation 3)

(click pics for larger images!)
                    of nathan and adapted game controller
This is Nathan from Ashburn, VA!
                    of nathan with adapted game controller
Yes, he really gets into it! ;-)

There is a LOT on this page, so go slowly...and contact me right away with any questions!

image of
                  xbox 360 controller with quad button box

image of
                  Xbox 360 controller with Compact Switches

Quad Button Box with attached XBox 360 wireless controller (Yes, it's all one attached unit.  No need to hold anything.  Non-skid bottom!)   XBox 360 with Compact Switches for Rear Triggers and Top-Mounted Buttons for Rear 'Shoulders'
All items also available for all other consoles.
(click pics for larger images)

Our Switch Poser used to position your game controller!

image of
                    xbox 360 with switch poser front view
image of xbox
                  360 controller with switch poser-top
I have found that *holding* the controller is half the problem many of the times!  Mount your controller on our adjustable Switch Poser and you only have to deal with the controls themselves!  (remember, click pics for larger images!)

image of switch-adapted ps2
            game controller

PlayStation 2 (PS2-no longer available) with Fire/Select Buttons Switch-Adaptation & optional Gumball Switch
(click pics for larger images)

After years of telling people to "buy the PC version of the game, play it on your PC because we already have plenty of PC adaptations for special needs," I decided to find and adapt appropriate game controllers for game boxes that plug into your TV.
For the switch-adapted models, where the switch inputs (for all models) give access to the 4 top Fire/Select buttons, an able-bodied person will operate a fairly standard game controller for most of the controls.  And your switch operator will control 1-2 functions of the game.  Yes, it's collaborative play, not independent control, (see below for more independent play) but 'half is better than none' in my book. 

Keep in mind that these games usually move fairly quickly, and scanning between choices is not an option.  So that means the switch user will be controlling his/her specific aspects of the game, and someone else (sibling, friend, etc.) will control all the other necessary functions.  You must be selective about which *aspect* of the game the person with special needs is going to control, such as jumping, firing a weapon, etc.

image of xbox 360
                        adapted game controller
  Cordless XBox 360 Rear-Triggers Switch Adaptation w/optional Gumball Switch

image of

Optional Foot Switch, works with all Controllers that have been Switch Adapted
(Click pics for larger images)

On some newer games, the rear triggers, usually operated by a player's index fingers, are more important than the top buttons.  This is especially true on the XBox 360.  So, another Adaptation is Rear-Triggers Switch Adaptation, pictured above.

Independent Play

Sometimes, the player just needs a bigger button or taller joystick.  So, yet another Adaptation available is the
Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation, with top-mounted buttons (the red ones, below), and/or the Fire/Select Buttons Enhancers.

                          of xbox with triggers

image of adapted ps2 game

Click here for alternate picture
XBox controller with our Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation PS2 (no longer available) with Joystick Extensions AND Fire/Select  Buttons Enhancers
(click pics for larger images)

image of
                          XBox 360 controllers image of
                            xbox 360
XBox 360 with Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation (red buttons) With Rear-Triggers Top-Mounted Button Augmentation AND Joystick Extensions
(click pics for larger image)

For independent play, positioning of the controller is critical.  My optional Mini-Arm is a *great,* inexpensive alternative to my Magic Arm and the more expensive arms from other companies.  And it attaches to just about anything.

  • Versions available for XBox, XBox 360 or PS3 (you MUST specify below)
  • Switch Adaptations...
    • make button/triggers accessible for most important functions
    • allow collaborative play of complex TV oriented games
    • accept any switch as input
  • Fire/Select Button Enhancers are 5/8" diameter (versus standard 3/8")
  • Joystick Extensions add 1" of height and can be 'gripped', if desired
  • Reasonable cost
Click here for The AbleGamers Foundation
"...supporting the advancement of accessibility in the digital entertainment space"

Click here for BroadenedHorizons.com for controllers
that allow more independent gameplay
Click here for OneSwitch.org.uk, another great site for adapted gaming
Order  Game Controllers
1) Pick your Game Controller from the list below.  Note: These are not yet adapted until you...
2) Pick your Adaptation(s) from the box below.
H-73-360 - Cordless Game Controller for XBox 360 - $69
(see above)
H-73-PS3 - Cordless Game Controller for PlayStation 3 - $69
(see above)
H-73-XBox - Game Controller for XBox - $49
(see above)
H-73-PS2 - Game Controller for PS2 - $49
(see above)

1) Pick your Game Controller from the box above.  Note: These are not yet adapted until you...
2) Pick your Adaptation(s) from the list below.
H-73-QBB - Quad Button Box w/your selected game controller (from above) attached - $149
(you must order a Game Controller from above also)
H-73-4TB - Rear-Triggers (XBox 360: LT/RT, or PS3: L1/R1) are yellow Compact Switches;  Rear-'shoulders' (XBox 360: LB/RB, or PS3: L2/R2) are small red Top-Mounted, Buttons w/your selected game controller (from above) - $149

H-73-FS - Fire/Select Buttons Switch jacks - $70
H-73-TS - Rear Triggers (XBox 360: LT/RT, or PS3: L2/R2) Switch jacks - $50
H-73-RSS - Rear 'shoulders' (XBox 360: LB/RB, or PS3: L1/R1) Switch jacks - $50 Order
 H-73-TB - Rear-Triggers (XBox 360: LT/RT, or PS3: L2/R2)
Top-Mounted Buttons -  $50
H-73-RSB - Rear 'shoulders' (XBox 360: LB/RB, or PS3: L1/R1)
Top-Mounted Buttons - $50
H-73-JE - Joystick Extensions -  $30 Order
H-73-BE - Fire/Select Button Enhancers -  $30 Order
H-32 - Switch Poser.....$49 Order
H-22 - Foot Switch.....$39
(requires "switch jack" Adapation above)

BIG Arcade Stick for Full Independent Play of Arcade-type Games
(NOT switch-adapted)

image of phillip
                          with BIG Game Controller
Phillip is using an older model of our BIG Arcade Stick*, available for XBox OR PlayStation 2
(click pic for larger image)

Phillip's mom: The controller is wonderful and allows him to work around his disabilities.
You can see that he is a happy camper!!! J

The joystick on this 'arcade stick' is very much like a power wheelchair joystick (2" high).  And the buttons on this controller are big (1" diameter).  But many people with special needs may not have the fine motor to get to all the buttons.  However, many games can be operated without access to all the possible game button/functions.  But you still need to match the game to the user, making sure that the game *can* be played by someone that cannot access *all* the buttons. 

What I'm saying is, for a significant number of people with disabilities, that can operate this controller's joystick, and get to the big buttons, you're good to go!  The only consideration is positioning the controller to be appropriate for your user's special needs.  In most cases, I would think my Magic Arm and possibly Device Adapter would do the trick.  In other cases, just using some of my new Stick & Suck to hold the controller in place would be enough. (The Game Controller has 1" rubber 'feet' which might just be enough for you)

From Phillip's mom:

Philip sits in a Rifton chair with a tray so I just place it there, No fastening needed. He doesn't push it off. Phillip is 6 1/2.

Concerning appropriate games:

So the games I use are:
         FIFA Soccer
         Happy Feet
         Dora the Explorer-- Jorney to the Purple Planet  Works Really well!!!
         Franklin --A birthday surprise
         The Bible Game
          Sponge Bob Battle for Bikini bottom
It is just Trial and Error. I get what he likes and try it. The more complicated games some of the controller buttons don't work. But I am really happy with the controller.
Maribeth L.

Order Game Controller
These larger Arcade Sticks are not available for adapations.

H-73-X - BIG Arcade Stick for XBox - $99
(NO Adaptations)
H-73-P - BIG Arcade Stick for PlayStation 2 - $99
(NO Adaptations)
(* Yes, I know Phillip's picture above shows the BIG Arcade Stick with switch-adaptation, but that's an old one.  We do *not* switch-adapt those anymore)

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