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Wireless Big Screen 'Mirroring'
of iPad 2, 3, or 4
(There is a LOT of information here.  Take your time and read it carefully.
I've tried hard to break the 3 recommended components down for you!)

To get your iPad 2 screen to the Apple TV (black one, 2nd generation), you might be able to use your network's Wifi, but I wouldn't bank on it.  Choose one of the following non-Apple components
from me, to create a specific WiFi network just for the mirroring...
To wirelessly connect your iPad 2 to the Apple TV (black one only) discussed below, you will probably  need either this...--->

                    or wireless rechargeable router


Rechargeable, Wireless Router

In most facilities, it is difficult, slow, or impossible to connect your iPad to the Apple TV via your local Wifi.  My router doesn't depend upon your local network.  It simply *always* connects your iPad 2 to the Apple TV.  And it's about the size of a mouse.
Our part # - H-83-RWR
...Or this...
image of ac powered wireless router
AC Powered Wireless Router
Identical in function to #1, this one does not have any battery, so it would need to be plugged into a wall socket.  Good news, though, for those of you that present, it's smaller than your hand, and its AC adapter is tiny, also.
Our part # - H-83-ACWR
Click on pics for bigger images!

You will need this...
The Apple TV (which is not really a "TV" at all, just a really cool gadget with lots of features you'll never use here.  It must be the black, 2nd generation model.) is the only way to pick up the wireless 'mirroring' from your iPad 2.
This black Apple TV is required, whether from me or a local resource.
image of apple tv2
Apple TV
(not the older white one)
The only way to get your iPad 2 (not iPad 1) display 'mirrored', wirelessly, to an external display.
Our part # - H-83-TV2

And, assuming you do not have a display that has an HDMI input (Hi-Def, which contains both video and audio), choose one of the following...

Once the signal gets to the Apple TV (above), it comes out as HDMI.  You then need to get that output into your big screen via one of the following non-Apple components...
To get from the Apple TV's HDMI output to your BIG screen, you will need this item...---->

image of hdmi to vga
HDMI-to-VGA Converter

For SmartBoard*, Promethius board, LCD projector, this converts the Apple TV's HDMI output to VGA/PC video, and Apple TV's stereo output to your display's audio input.
Our part # - H-83-H-VGA
...OR this one.

image of hdmi to line in converter
HDMI-to-Video-In Converter

For large TV's, especially older models, this converts the Apple TV's HDMI output to good old RCA-type "Video Out" (S-Video also), and Apple TV's stereo output to RCA-type "Audio Out" so it will plug into Video & Audio In on your older TV.
Our part # - H-83-VIDEO
* SmartBoard and Promethius are 'one-way' only, meaning that these components are for *displaying* the iPad 2's screen, and *not* for using your SmartBoard or Promethius to *operate* the iPad.

So here is the information, completely 'spelled' out (I hope)...

Note!  You do not need both #1a and #1b. You will choose one or the other.
#1a- My Wireless Router allows your iPad 2 (not the iPad 1) to connect directly with your Apple TV, not using/interacting/interfering with your network at all.  This may be preferable because many times, in a special needs/rehab environment, your local network is either locked, or very slow.  However, here's some news to you (I hope):  you do not need to use your local WiFi network.  Any Wifi network works.  Even one that is not connected to the Internet!  Such as through my Router.  And, as I work with many presenters, the ability to have this transportable, without any wires at all (USB rechargeable LiON battery), is very nice! (Presenters: Many times you will not have network access where you're presenting, hence the need for my option).

OR...#1b - My AC/wall powered Wireless Router.  Same function as #1, but comes with a small AC power adapter.  The actual router is smaller than your hand!


#2 - An Apple TV(2nd generation, black) is required as it is the 'key'; some of you may know that already.  It is the only way of getting your iPad 2 (not iPad 1) display, wirelessly, to an external display.  But, when it comes to your network and your display, it's not that easy.  Read on...

Note!  You do not need both #3a and #3b. You will choose one or the other.

- A "VGA" (or "PC") 15 pin 'D' connector is
probably what you have to work with, on your big screen.  The Apple TV has only HDMI (Hi-Def) output, which contains both video and audio signals.  Unless you have a fairly recent large screen TV with an HDMI input, your LCD projector, SmartBoard, Promethius board, usually does not have an HDMI input; they all do have a VGA/PC video input, and good old RCA-type Audio In (older large TV's do not have either HDMI or VGA input).

OR... #3b - "Video In/Audio In" were the way to get into an older TV, which you may have.  These have colored jacks (yellow for video, red/white for audio) of a type named "RCA".  You can find these on the rear of all entertainment devices.  This Converter also outputs S-Video, which is better than Video-In but still fuzzier than #2 above.  #2 is preferable, when possible.

(Any combination of 3, 4 or 5 comes with one 1.5 ft. HDMI cable(you only need one)
and an audio cable

(Be very careful when ordering as I am not responsible for mis-orders!)
Choose either #1a OR #1b...

H-83-RWR - Wireless (rechargeable) Router - $99
If there is any issue at all with your local Wifi network, or you won't even have access to a WiFi network, you need this or #2 below)
H-83-ACWR - AC Powered Mini Wireless router - $49

You will need this...

H-83-TV2 - Apple TV (2nd generation, black) - $129
(refurbished; this is the only way I can resell it;
but I provide a full 1 year warranty myself)
You may elect to get your Apple TV via a local resource;
I do charge more than Apple ($99) as I'm not an official Apple reseller.


Choose either #3a OR #3b...


H-83-VGA - HDMI-to-VGA (PC) and audio Converter - $49
(used to be $99)
If you have HDMI input on your external display, you do not need this.
 H-83-VIDEO - HDMI-to-Video-In/S-Video and audio Converter - $99
If you have HDMI input on your external display, you do not need this.

  Quantity orders (over 10 total pieces) are available upon request

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