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Device Adapter (w/Base)
for my Positioning Arms

Click here if you have an iAdapter iPad Holder

Device Tray for holding
                  Assistive Tech stuff  
Here's my Magic Arm (not included) with my Device Adapter screwed into the end, mated w/rectangular Universal Slider Base attached to my BigKeys keyboard.

Since I helped to create our field of Assistive Technology back in the early 80's, we have been looking for something that can:

1) Hold something *very* firmly for the user.
2) Be infinitely positionable.
3) Yet be able to be removed instantly and attached to something else.

The combination of the Device Adapter and square Universal Slider Base seems to be a nice solution.
You can attach the Device Base to just about anything, keyboards like our BigKeys or an Intellikeys, a lightweight Aug. Comm. device like a Dynamite, or a note taker like AlphaSmart, or switches, like the Big Buddy or our BIG Button.

            Tray for holding Assistive Tech stuff
BigKeys again on our Magic Arm  and Device Adapter.

 Device Tray for holding
          Assistive Tech stuff
Here's looking at the underside of our older SAM-Joystick for Windows, with the Device Adapter screwed into the 
Magic Arm (not included) and inserted into the grooves of the older Joystick Slider Base (discontinued; we use a rectangular Universal Base above for all devices now, which you can clearly see in the second picture below).  The Base FIRMLY attaches to the rear/back of your device via ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener (almost impossible to separate unless you know the trick ;-)

For iPad owners, here is my Device Adapter
with the iAdapter from AMDI

Click on any pic to see it larger!

                    of iadapter1 rear

Here is the rear of an iAdapter 1. Note the 4 "VESA" compliant screw holes.

image of
                    iadapter with universal base

My Universal Base is now securely screwed to the iAdapter.

image of iadapter with device adapter going
                    into base
The Device Adapter, screwed into my Magic Arm (or any of my Arms) is sliding into the Universal Base (it has ridges that secure it).
image of iadapter with device adapter attached

Finally, the Magic Arm securedly attached, via the Device Adapter, to the iAdapter.  Note the 2 little arrows showing the locking tabs.

The Device Adapter can attach to my Mini-Arm, Articulating Arm, and Magic Arm.

Here is a recent comment from a satisfied customer:

Dear RJ,

I just wanted to Thank You for recommending the Magic Arm Device Adapter and Device Base, which I attached to a persons computer keyboard and was able to position the keyboard in a location where she could access it from her wheelchair that has a wheelchair tray also mounted in front of her. This device worked really great and it was easy to install.
Thanks Again!

The Magic Arm is *not* included with the Device Adapter!

H-55-U - Magic Arm Device Adapter (includes 8" x 5" square Universal Slider Base for *all* devices).....$139
H-55-U-I - Same as above but with holes for iAdapter's screw holes...$139
H-55-B-U - Extra base for adapter (8" x 5").....$69

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