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The Magic Arm System

(Includes Super-Clamp, 3" & 5" mounting disks)

  image of brice and Magic
            Armimage of pearson
Brice & Pearson using a Gumball Switch at the end of our Magic Arm
(Click any pic for larger image!)

    This arm has changed the way I work with switches and joysticks. It is pictured above positioning our SAM-Joystick for Mac on the left, or with 2 Magic Arms and 2 switches for 'Magic Arm mania' on the right. The base clamp attaches securely to just about anything: wheelchair tubing, tables, the CooperCar rollbar, you name it! The dial at the elbow tightens all three joints: the one at the base, the elbow, and the switch end. And when it's tight, it REALLY holds everything in perfect place. This arm is infinitely adjustable, and stays where you put it. Talk about perfect positioning...YES!

Picture of Nancy and Magic Arm with camera
The Magic Arm can also be used to position high-end digital cameras on wheelchairs.

This is Nancy from Buena Park, CA, using a high-end camera mounted on my Magic Arm. (Note the shoulder switch above her right shoulder that she uses to activate her shutter.  <grin> We have simply mounted the remote for her camera upside down at the end of my Mini-Arm (Click on the pics to enlarge them)
Picture of Magic Arm with a SAM-Joystick attached to itimage of joystick and Magic Arm
   The Magic Arm holding our older SAM-Joystick

Image of Daniel and Magic Arm
              Device AdapterImage of Wade & Magic Arm
Daniel, Kyle using IntelliKeys mounted on our optional Magic Arm Device Adapter
(which is at the end of our Magic Arm)

We use our Device Adapter for mounting BigKeys, SAM-Joystick, and IntelliKeys!

image of adam & Magic ArmsImage of Chad & CooperCarimage of
            trevor in CooperCar
Just for fun, here are some pics of the Magic Arm in various positions for Adam, Chad, & Trevor, on my old CooperCar

H-18 - Magic Arm.....$259 Order
H-18-SUPER - Super-Clamp only.....$50

Please look at our Device Adapter for mounting Assistive Tech stuff on the Magic Arm.

We also offer the Articulating Arm, for those with more restrictive budgets.

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