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Mini-Keyboard (& Trackpad)
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My big hands 'texting' into my PC
(click on pic to see it larger)

Over the years several people have asked me for a keyboard similar to a cellphone's because they have a learner/user that can text but has difficulties with regular or Assistive Technology (AT) keyboards.  In response to these requests, I found and tried this one.  The buttons *do* require specific effort to depress, a bit more than cell phone buttons.  But I sent it off to Diane R., a teacher in CT, and she wrote:

My student was so excited with the handheld keyboard - she went from a student who was not interested in any solutions to being completely enthralled with this keyboard - from the ability to use it and to not call attention to herself - to the coolness of using something that other kids would find cool.
Thanks so much for lending it!

So here I am carrying this unique device now. It uses Radio Frequency (RF) to communicate with a small receiver (about the size of a flash drive) plugged into any USB port, so it works on any angle and any distance.  It measures 3" wide x 4.75" tall. The buttons measure at about 1/4".  The print on the buttons is VERY small and each button has an alternate function also, when the SF is toggled (you don't need to hold it down).

Pair this with my WordComplete program (Windows only, but the Mini-Keyboard/Trackpad works with Mac also!) and it's a nice option!

Very fine motor and very deliberate pushing is required.  The trackpad (or "touchpad" some call it) is quite sensitive and may or may not be used.  Your regular pointing devices stay enabled.

For one-handed operation, a flat, hard, steady surface would be necessary.  I like my Mini-Arm for that purpose, if it's not going to be attached to a laptray or desk.

Once again, very deliberate pushes are required.  The pressure necessary is not that great, but the user really needs to understand what he/she is trying to do. 

And it's wireless....and it is rechargeable by its USB cable :)

No, I don't hand out loaners to try, but I do have my standard 30 day moneyback guarantee :)

H-42 - Mini-Keyboard.....$99
(works on both Mac and PC)

Mac OS X users: Click here to download my BigKeys software which enables the Alt key on the Mini-Keyboard to act like your Command key, and the Del key to act as the Option key. (We use the BigKeys software for our BigKeys and Keys-U-See keyboards also)

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