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SmartNav (version 4)
(head-tracking system)
image of smartnav 4

Infrared transmitter/receiver using reflective dot on hat (or head)
(click pic for larger image)

Finally, a reasonably priced mouse alternative that allows people with good head control to completely control their computer.  A tiny reflective dot is stuck to the forehead, eyeglass frame, tip of nose.  The monitor-mounted transmitter/receiver *camera* pictured above, sends infrared beams out, and senses reflections from the dot.  The SmartNav software (included) 'maps' head motion to cursor motion. And it actually works!  I've used it successfully numerous times, in many situations where I did *not* think it would work for a user!  And I've been pleasantly surprised :)

image of smartnav use

The SmartNav *hardware* is cross-platform (works on both PC and Mac), but you need the respective software for each platform.

How To 'Click'?

There are 2 possible built-in methods:

(PC version of Dwell-Click)
1) AT model: Dwell and Voice Clicking - gives you total hands free control of your computer. You can left click, right click, double click, and drag by simply holding the cursor still, or “dwelling” on an icon or button. The configuration menu lets you set the Dwell Click time interval from 0.2 to 2 seconds for maximum control and comfort. The Dwell Clicking feature is fully compatible with all virtual keyboards and other Windows based accessibility programs for people with disabilities.  Mac Voice Clicking:  We've added commands for many actions by voice.  Be aware that you can NOT have both Voice Clicking and Dragon for Mac active at the same time as they both access the same 'parts' of the Mac.  PC Voice Clicking:  Please specify you wish to have that at time of order.  There is no charge.

2) AT and EG models: By positioning  any switch appropriately, and plugging it into the Y-cable included with SmartNav, the user can perform clicks.  Our Articulating Arm might be useful to position the switch, or it can be adhered to a wheelchair arm or somewhere that the user can access it easily.  An included Y-cable allows for a second switch to perform right-clicking. 

       image of footswitch

Included Y-cable on left, optional Foot Switch on right

How To 'Type'?

We like our OnScreen keyboard, but there is a free program, Click-N-Type, that also does nicely, which you can find on the Net. As long as the user can control the SmartNav through head motion, he/she can send keystrokes to virtually any Windows program.  

Our OnScreen keyboard program has features such as WordCompletion, plenty of sizes, macro capability, and plenty of speech options.

We do not make OnScreen for Mac, but we do carry a Mac OS X compatible virtual keyboard program, KeyStrokes, at the OnScreen page.

Included Items


SmartNav Products for Shipment
(* hardware purchase includes related software  *)
HW-9-USB for Windows (SmartNav AT w/dwell clicking) - $499
HWEG-9-USB for Windows (SmartNav EG w/switch clicking) - $399
HM-11-USB for Mac OS 9 (and earlier)  (SmartNav AT w/dwell clicking) - $599
HMX-11-USB for Mac OS X (SmartNav AT w/dwell clicking) - $599
HMEGX-11-USB EG for Mac OS X (SmartNav EG w/switch clicking) - $499
H-9-DOTS - Additional dots (2 sheets) - $10
(credit card only; no P.O.'s unless included on larger order)

SW-23 - Additional AT software for PC - $199 Order
SM-26 - Additional AT software for Mac - $299 Order
SMX-26 - Additional AT software for Mac OS X - $299
SEGMX-26 - Additional EG software for Mac OS X - $199 Order
SMX-26UR - Reg. Code Upgrade from Mac OS 10 EG to AT
(no download required) - $99
H-22 - Foot Switch.....$39 Order
H-9-CAM-AT - SmartNav AT Camera only.....$399
(If you have previously purchased our Mac package or software)
H-9-CAM-EG - SmartNav EG Camera only.....$379
(If you have previously purchased our Mac package or software)

SmartNav Software for Download

Click here for all Windows downloads

SMX-26R - Software for Mac OS X SmartNav (all models, including 4) AT - $299

SEGMX-26R - Software for Mac OS X SmartNav (all models, including 4) EG - $199

SM-26R - Software for Mac OS 9 (or earlier) SmartNav AT - $299

SEGM-26R - Software for Mac OS 9 (or earlier) SmartNav EG - $199

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about this product

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