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Switch-Adapted Gadgets

These are 'gadgets' that *do* things, via 1-2 switches (or my Dual Button-Box).  They start as commercial items made for mainstream users.  I 'switch-adapt' them.  I open them up, determine what my desired buttons actually do, and I hard-wire switch inputs to those contacts on the printed circuit board (PCB).  This is an increasingly difficult job!  Electronics are getting so small that, many times, I simply can *not* do this for a desired device/remote.  So I must purchase a bunch of a certain item, open them up, determine the contacts, and see if I can solder to them.  Quite challenging, I must tell you.  It's time consuming, and takes experience and money $$. 

Note:  Near the bottom of this page you will notice my Select-5 and my Scan-5.  If you go to those pages, you will see that they use the same devices/remotes, but the adaptation is even *more* complex, because I wire them for *5* functions.  So if you want just 1-2 switch inputs, you do so from this page, or the linked page for each item.  BUT if you are interested in the Select-5 approach, with its 5 BIG buttons, or the Scan-5, with its ability to scan through the 5 buttons with just 1-2 switch(es), then you *must* order through those pages.

Click pics for larger images! Click name for more info!

image of switch-adapted voice recorder
Voice Recorder
Switch inputs for Record and Play (either turns unit on)

Now using iPhone or iPad for recording

Switch-Adapted CD Player

CD Player
Shown w/Gumball Switch for Next Song.  Other switch input is Play/Pause

Now using Switch-Adapted MP3 Player below
image of switch-adapted digital camera
Digital Camera
Switch inputs for on/off and take-picture

Now using iPad or iPhone for camera

Switch inputs for On/Off and Record/Stop

Now using iPhone/iPad for video

                    of switch-adapted call light
Call Light
Alec uses the red switch (similar to my GumBall Switch) by his right cheek to 'call' his teacher.  The light can be set for light only, or light w/sound.
image of switch-adapted call chime
Call Chime
shown w/Compact Switch for activation (switch NOT included)

                    of digital switch timer with dvd player
DVD Player*
Switch inputs for Play/Pause, FF, and Rewind
(*Discontinued; using iPad now)
Switch-Adatped TV Remote
TV Remote
Shown w/Gumball Switch (small) for On/Off,  & Jumbo Switch for Channel Up.  (This unit only control TV and cable/satellite boxes.  You must specify which cable/satellite provider you use. This is one of the only TV remotes that you do *not* have to select your device first; the On/Off controls both the TV and your cable/satellite box!)
image of switch-adapted MP3 Player
MP3 Player
Shown w/Jumbo Switch for Play/Pause, & Gumball Switchfor Next Song (switches NOT included)

image of switch-adapted jokemaster
SpongeBob Jokemaster
Switch inputs for Next Joke and Repeat
image of switch-adapted boombox
Switch inputs On/Off & Play/Pause.  The only unit I found for both CD's *and* iPods!

Now using Bluetooth Music Box
or MP3 Music Box

image of switch-adapted iPod Remote
BIG Button iPod Remote
Dillon is able to use my BIG buttons, but the Remote also has switch inputs for Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, Volume Up, & Volume Down.

Quite the variety, eh?  I'm quite proud of adapting truly functional devices and  in some cases, adult-oriented! Any of the above can be used with almost any switch, either from me, or another source.  The only exceptions are switches that have their own power/battery; these might require you sending me your switch to test with my Gadget, because of 'polarity'.  I usually can get it working.  Also..

All of the above can also be used with my Dual Button-Box,
shown here with the MP3 Player and appropriately labeled BIG buttons.

(For a Dual Button-Box, you *must* go to its page to order the appropriate labeling)

image of select-5 with TV remote
And most of the above Gadgets above can even be ordered for control by my Select-5, for BIG button control over 5 functions, shown here with the TV Remote control of Channel Up, Channel Down, On/Off, Volume Up, Volume Down.

image of scan-5 and voice recorder
                            w-jumbo switch
Or my Scan-5 (1-2 switches to auto-scan/step-scan (auditory-recordable!) through all 5 functions)
Go to the Select-5 or Scan-5 pages for more info and ordering!
** Note: You *must* order the Select-5/Scan-5 versions of the above Gadgets as they require special connectors, different than above!

Click here for a nice website detailing all *sorts* of gadgets (non-tech & tech) for special needs

H-77 - Switch-Adapted Call Light w/sound.....$69
Note: does not include Flex Mount.  Go to Call Light's page for that item
H-27 - Switch-Adapted Cordless Call Chime.....$59
(INCLUDES 3 AAA and 3 C batteries! That's about $5 worth)
H-35 - Switch-Adapted DVD Player.....$299
H-75 - Switch-Adapted TV Remote.....$99 Order
H-46-2GB - Switch-Adapted MP3 Player.....$99
H-25 - JokeMaster.....$79
Note: Amplifying carry case/speaker and shoulder strap available at the JokeMaster page
iPod Remotes
Note: As there are several options for the different 'generations' of iPods, you must visit the BIG Button iPod Remote page.  There are switch inputs in the rear.
For a Dual Button-Box, you *must* go to its page to order the appropriate labeling

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