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Switch-Click USB (formerly "Mini-Click")
(w/built-in interface)

image of switch-click posed
Switch-Click is positioned on my Mini-Arm

        This button w/built-in switch interface, is 2.5” diameter, and requires only a very light touch, anywhere on its blue surface.  If you only need one small switch, save money with this button!   Just plug it in, and when you press it, your computer thinks you clicked your mouse, and this is exactly what many software programs want!  This new version also has the ability to 'be' different keystrokes that your switch program might be looking for.

Use our Magic Arm, Articulating Arm, Mini-Arm, or Switch-Poser to position it perfectly for each learner.

image of switch-click                image 2 of switch-click in use
Click pics for larger images!

If you need a larger (4.5") plug-in switch, look at our
cordless Super-Switch.

Both plug directly into your computer!
And can be used with almost any software!


H-40-USB - Switch-Click USB (Windows and Mac).....$130

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