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iPad (or Tablet) HeadPointer
Image of Debbie with iPad
Debbie in NSW, Australia

(Click any pic to see it larger!)

Marcel using Tablet
                        HeadPointer with iPad
More Marcel from Louisiana
Marcel from Louisiana,
with his iPad positioned on my Articulating Arm, one of my Tablet Mounts

Love the iPad!  Love how it's changed our fields of AT/AAC so radically!  Love that people that can point with a finger can access a beautiful interface and computing experience, from instructional materials, to web surfing, email, Facebook, Twitter, and all that able-bodied persons take for granted.

However, in the area of Assistive Tech device access, it's a bit 'locked'.  That is, all the methods that we've cultivated and grown since about 1985, will not work with the iPad: joystick, trackball, head tracking, eyegazing, etc.

So, in an effort to allow people that cannot access an iPad/tablet via 'Direct Select' via hand/finger, I am offering a combination of 2 different existing products, to make a new access method for iPads and any tablet that has a 'capacitive' (requires electricity from your body through direct skin contact) touchscreen.  One product is a capacitive mouthstick and the other is an existing headpointer.  I *adapt* 2 products to make a new one.  In other words, I replace the headpointer's 'pointer' with my mouthstick.

The HeadPointer that Debbi & Marcel are wearing above may look a bit strange, but no stranger, and certainly a lot more comfortable, than headpointers that have chin straps and are elastic.  Mine is easily adjustable a with a *dial* (yea!), and very stable.

The mouthstick that I replace their pointer with is special in that it does not require any skin contact to activate/control the iPad/tablet. 

Very cool!

Now you *will* need a mount to hold the iPad/tablet in just the right position.  Consider one my Tablet Mounts, please.

H-86 - Capacitive HeadPointer (includes stylus).....$199
The stylus/stick is 14" which brings the distance between top of the head and tip to about 20".  If you want a shorter stick, you will need to specify that in the Comments section during ordering.  OR, to decrease length, you can put the angled rod at the top through its plastic holder from the *rear* versus the front (the pictures above show it from the front).

H-86-STYLUS - Capacitive Stylus mouthstick only
(comes with 2 soft plastic sleeves for teeth - no biteplate)

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