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Tablet Mounts
(for all iPads and tablets)

(click here if your Articulating or Mini-Arm is not performing as expected)  

(remember, you can click any pic to see it larger!)
                    of Jeff with Magic Arm and Adjustable Tablet Holder
This is Jeff C. from CA, using the Magic Arm w/Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH), holding my Acer Auggie,
operating it with my SAM-Joystick positioned with my Mini-Arm

(click here if you need installation pics)

First, all Arms share the following in common:
    1. They include the Super-Clamp, which allows them to clamp to wheelchairs, bedrails, desks, tables, just about anything!

    2. They include a Tablet Holder specifically for iPad w/o case (see pics below), OR one of my Adjustable Tablet Holders (ATH) for all other devices/tablets.
    3. They are infinitely positionable, yet firm and stable when locked in place.
The Arms terminate in the 'Tipper' (may look different than below), which mates with the 'Quick Connect' on the rear of the Holder.
image of Tipper
     5. With all of them, it is the *reach* that is the most important factor.  "Reach", just like *your* arm, is the distance from
        where you are attaching the Super-Clamp on the wheelchair or laptray, to the center of where you want to position the

The first 5 rows of pictures below show my Arms with the Tablet Holder specific to iPads, but remember that my ATH's attach to any Arm for non-iPad mounting. 
Click here for very detailed info on the newer
Adjustable Tablet Holders.

Let's go with shortest to longest.  First is my Short Arm.  It places the Auggie/iPad very near to the Super-Clamp.  The distance between the center of your tablet and the point of Super-Clamp attachment is about 6".

Click pics to see them larger!
image of
                          short-arm on laptray
Kyle, from Charlton, MA, with his iPad, in an Otterbox case, mounted in my Tall Tablet Holder and Short Arm, with the Super-Clamp attached to his laptrap (if there is a laptray involved and it is stable, then this is my favorite wheelchair mounting for my Short Arm and Mini-Arm).

iamge of
                      short-arm side
Auggie on Short-Arm with old style Tablet Holder. You can see that the included Super-Clamp can attach to wheelchair tubing and other wheelchair frame points.

Kindle fire
                      on short arm
My Standard Adjustable Tablet Holder holding a Kindle Fire HD

Next up is my Mini-Arm. It works perfectly for situations where 3 to 13 inches of reach is needed (the Arm 'telescopes' to adjust to different lengths).  Very positionable, but very secure.       

image of
                              mini-arm with auggie
Brandon (from San Diego) using his iPad on my Mini-Arm attached directly to his laptray (this is a *great* way to go if your laptray is sturdy!)
iamge of ezra and
Ezra with iPad on the Mini-Arm (using my original method of attachment: ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND Faster to attach the iPad to my 'magic disk' screwed into the Mini-Arm)
image of mini-arm with adjustable
                            tablet holder
Here's a closeup of the Arm and the Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder (designed for iPads IN a protective case, whereas this one is not; I didn't have my Standard ATH with me that day)

Remember you can click on any pic to see it larger.

Now we go to the Articulating Arm with its 24" of reach (just like the Mini-Arm above, the Arm segments are adjustable in length).  It has 2 segments and an 'elbow'.  The further it's extended, the more 'bounce' you get for direct touching of the device, but still, the device *will* stay put. If you have a 'heavy toucher' or need the Articulating Arm extended, then the Magic Arm is a MUCH better choice.
image of articulating arm holding iPad
  Articulating Arm w/Tall ATH holding Big Grips case w/iPad

image of jaden and
                        articulating arm
Here is an iPad 1 on the Articulating Arm.  Note: The segments of the Arm can 'telescope' to different lengths

image of articulating-arm on wheelchair
This showsthe Articulating Arm fully extended at a right angle (that's my OLD Tablet Holder for iPads. My ATH's replace it)

image of articulating arm with ipad
Here the segments of the Arm are more 'telescoped' (once again showing old ATH)

At the top of the 'food chain' is the Magic Arm, definitely the strongest of these types of Arms.  It has the same reach as the Articulating Arm.  It does not 'telescope'.  But it does have one lever/knob at the 'elbow' that tightens/loosens all 3 joints of the Arm.  (This is NOT the same type of lever as the older Universal Mount.  This one *behaves* like the knob, with small, incremental adjustments being possible, not the gross action of the older lever.)
                                      of magic arm with ipad
My Magic Arm and Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder and iPad in an Otterbox protective case.

image of ayden
                                with magic arm
  Ayden from CA with my Magic Arm and Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder (ATH) and a bunch of other goodies. Click the pic for bigger image.  Click HERE for more details.

image of Magic Arm rear
Here is the attachment of the ATH to the Arm. A is the quick-release lever and B is the "tipper" (old one shown) mating with the quick-release adapter of my ATH.
image of girl with extension
Here's Lyla using the Magic Arm with optional 7" extension.
(click pic for more detail)
(Also shown is my Mini-Arm with a Gumball Switch plugged into my Bluetooth Switch Interface)

4" and 10" extensions are also available.

Remember you can click on any pic to see it larger.

Now more on the included iPad or Adjustable Tablet Holders (ATH).  This is the part that attaches to each Arm and holds the iPad or tablet.  Here are some closeups.  Of special note is that the adapter ('Tipper') at the end of any of these Arms can Quick Connect with other types of holders also, such as my phone, or book holder!

image of kindle fire in
                                  Adjustable Tablet Holder
This is the rear of the Kindle Fire held to my Magic Arm with the standard ATH.

Here, Jeff is using his right hand to stabilize his left to direct select from the Kindle Fire on my Magic Arm w/standard ATH.

image of rear of Super-Auggie in
                                  Adjustable Tablet Holder
This is my larger Super-Auggie w/o case, in my Tall ATH.

image of Jeff with
                                              Magic Arm and Adjustable
                                              Tablet Holder
Here is the Magic Arm w/standard ATH, holding my Acer Auggie w/o case.

Very Important: You can remove the iPad or Tablet from the Holder, OR you can separate the Holder from the Tipper, by pressing on the Quick Connect's lever (see pics below)

Here are some installation pics shown with my OLD Tablet Holder for iPads.
Remember, my newer Adjustable Tablet Holders connect exactly the same as below

Click on any pic to enlarge it!

image 1 of tablet holder being
Here's how things line up, iPad Tablet Holder and 'Tipper' at the end of each Arm
iamge of tablet holder's tipper
                                being inserted
The Tipper is screwed into the end of the Arm and its lower 'lip' is inserted into the "Quick Connect" on the rear of the Holder
image of tablet holder pressured
                                into tipper
Pressure is applied to the top of the Quick Connect/Tipper, while the lower lip is in place, until the Holder *snaps* into place.

image of Magic Arm rear
Another view of the Tipper about to mate with the newer Holder's quick-connect.  Quickly disconnect the Holder from the Tipper by pressing lever A.

And finally, the *included* Super-Clamp.  I love this item.  Here are some closeups.

image of super-clamp on

image of super-clamp large

(If you have an iAdapter, click here! Do *not* use the purchase links below.  Order my Device Adapter and then your desired Arm by itself, not on this page.)

(All Arms include the Arm, Super-Clamp and  your selected Tablet Holder)
(Remember "ATH" = Adjustable Tablet Holder)
Click here to see more info on, or order JUST, a Tablet Holder
(**If your iPad is in any type of protective case,
choose Tall ATH below!**)

Short Arm.....$119

(6" reach)
Select a Tablet Holder,
then click Order.

Mini-Arm for all iPads.....$199
(3"-13" reach)
Select a Tablet Holder,
then click Order.

Articulating Arm for all iPads.....$219

(3"-24" reach)
(Note: Similar products from others are more once you add their Holder!)
Select a Tablet Holder,
then click Order.

Magic Arm.....$299
(Note: Similar products from others are more once you add their Holder!)
(24" reach...see below for longer)
Select a Tablet Holder,
then click Order.

H-18-4 - 4" extension for Magic-Arm.....$39
H-18-7 - 7" extension for Magic-Arm.....$49 Order
H-18-10 - 10" extension for Magic-Arm.....$59 Order
H-18-DS - Disk Set for switches (round, stiff, plastic with ultra-strong VELCRO BRAND fastener, 2.5" and 4.5")


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