Thunder-RJ (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 only)
ScreenReader-on-a-Stick (TM)
Press <tab> twice then <enter> to select this link for the online trial. 
Wait 5 seconds, then press R for Run.  This will run Thunder-RJ directly from my website, with nothing except a small counter file installed.  Wait 30 seconds for the 10 MegaByte download then press R again. This 14 day trial only runs from the website and uses SAPI voices on your computer.  The Thunder-RJ voice that you are listening to now, Jennifer, and another, Tom, are too large for download.  They live on the Thunderstick, once purchased. 

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A portable and simple, but powerful screenreader, that is tailored for blind persons (and LD/early readers) that may be new to using a computer, or need a simpler, less expensive alternative to more costly (and comprehensive) programs available.  Works almost entirely by the standard keyboard navigation controls, the arrow keys!  Also...

Echoes each keystroke and word
Selective reading of screen by character, word, line, or entire page
Selective reading of menus
Reading of dialog boxes and buttons
And more!

All this using, mostly, the arrow keys.

Works in: Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad, Desktop, Explorer, My Computer, Outlook and Outlook Express, Excel, and even has its own web browser that breaks up complex web pages into sequential links and lines of text that you can go through with the arrow keys.
For LD and early readers, Thunder-RJ also highlights each word spoken in Microsoft Word!

We also include 2 very high quality SAPI-5 compliant voices: RealSpeak Tom and Jennifer.  Click each name to hear a sample! These voices reside on the USB sticks, no installation necessary. On the demo, though, Thunder-RJ uses whatever SAPI voice is on your system already, such as SAPI SAM.)

Image of
                Thunder-RJ's Settings
Here is a picture of Thunder-RJ's Setup window.  Click the picture to see it clearly.

Thunder-RJ comes in 3 unique configurations that are completely portable!  Each plugs into any PC and makes the applications above talk, instantly, without requiring you to install anything at all!  You just need access to a USB port.
Image of Screenreader on a stick
1) This first configuration, which actually has 2 options, gives you the screenreader on an MP3 player/USB thumb drive stick, which means your screenreader stick is also a standalone MP3 player and you are able to save MP3 music files (or e-books or podcasts) on the USB drive feature of the stick, and listen to them at your leisure, through the included ear buds or your favorite headphones.  For screenreading, audio will come from the regular PC speakers.  If you wish to listen through headphones, so as not to disturb others or for privacy, you will need to plug into the headphone jack on your speakers, if there is one, or into the place where the speakers normally plug into the computer.  If a headphone jack is not readily available, you will need option 2 below. 

Option 1 comes with either 512 MB or 1 GB capacity in the USB stick.
SW-22-MP3-2GB - Thunder-RJ on MP3 Player/2 GB USB Drive Stick - $199 Order


image of Thunder-RJ USB
              Sound Card
2) Most computers that you are visiting do not have the headphone jack accessible.  This includes library, school, and even friends' computers.  If you wish to use headphones for screenreading, and the computers you wish to access do not let you get to a headphone jack, we also package our Thunder-RJ on a USB sound card stick that is also a USB 256 MB thumb drive stick.  This is a small (1 inch) USB device that routes all sound from the PC to a headphone jack on the device.  Installs itself easily on Windows XP.  This stick does not play music like option 1 above.  You can purchase the MP3 Player/USB Drive stick separately for your music.

SW-22-SC-256MB - Thunder-RJ on USB Sound Card/256 MB USB Drive Stick - $199 Order


3) This version is a plain 2 GB USB memory stick that you can carry with you from computer to computer.

SW-22-2GB - Thunder-RJ 2GB - $199 Order


4) And finally, this option is for those facilities wishing for Thunder-RJ to be on multiple computers.

SW-22-LAB - Thunder-RJ software only, one facility, multiple computers - $499 Order

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