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WordComplete for Windows
(Feb. 9, 2015 - update for Windows 8)

image of WordComplete list

    WordComplete (WC) is a helper for slow typists, people with LD, poor spellers, and/or those that need word suggestions.  Be aware that WordCompletion is not the same as word *prediction*.  WordComplete just attempts to complete the word you are working on, whereas word prediction attempts to 'read ahead'.  WordComplete works in ALL Windows programs, and *is* Vista-compatible!  (no Mac, sorry)

    In my years of working with such Learners, I have found that WordCompletion or Prediction is not necessarily a blessing.  That is, you might *think* it would speed someone up, but many times, it does just the opposite.  As a Learner is typing, a list appears somewhere, containing suggestions for completing the current word.  The Learner must now shift focus from their sentence 'stream' and concentrate on decoding the words in the word list, and deciding if their desired word is in there, and use the author's selection method to actually choose the word.  Then the Learner has to pick up where they left off.  That is quite a cognitive 'load', indeed.  For many Learners, it's easier just to simply continue typing, without any completion/prediction.

OK, with that said, I designed this product to be as integrated into the writing process as possible. 

1) The most likely WC candidate is suggested 'in-line' with the Learner's typing.
2) The list pops up very close to the text insertion point.
3) Colors are used to help the process.
4) The WC candidates can be auto-read to eliminate or decrease the decoding requirement.
5) The Learner can use the number keys, the arrow keys, the mouse, or just <Enter> to choose their WC.
6) Suffixes are available, if desired.
7) The program talks as much as you want it to, using your built in SAPI-compliant voices.  Better voices are available upon request (fee involved).

And of course, there are many other options, as with all my products.

(Read my Downloading notes to learn more about
downloading, decoding, and decompressing)

WordComplete Software for Download (Nothing will be shipped! See below for CD version)
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